“As a dentist who primarily performs cosmetic dentistry, I cannot say enough about Smileography. Patients get to see a beautiful, realistic and reproducible rendition of their potential smile. This allows the patient to see the final result which not only dramatically increases case acceptance, but makes communication with the dental laboratory so easy.
I recommend Smileography to any dentist doing or thinking of doing cosmetic dentistry. The turnaround is fast, the quality consistently great and the final glamour shot photos are great for marketing.”

Robert Freeman, DDS

Smileography has been an incredible way of increasing our case acceptance. Over the last several years it has helped patients understand the need for complete treatment, by seeing the result not just speculating what it would look like. Smileography will increase your bottom line. It sells your dentistry. Really it comes down to a picture is worth more than a 1,000 words. Ben’s beautiful and professional photographs do the talking of how amazingly we can transform our patient’s smile. If you love doing complete cases and cosmetic dentistry Smileography will be your best friend.”

Manu Dave Kacker, DDS

Smileography gives me the opportunity to be as certain as possible that the patient’s expectations are met with the final results.

William G. Steve Stephens DDS

A picture is worth a thousand words…. that’s why Smileography is probably the best tool to let patients know exactly what can be done for them. Sometimes when we give them a lecture, no matter how accurate it is, they still can’t have the real feeling of what we are talking about, but if we show them the simulation done with the help of Smileography , then they understand exactly what we mean so it becomes easier for them to accept the treatment.
Seeing is believing …. I’ve been having 100% case acceptance with Smileography.”

Marcia Rita Adler DDS
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“The best chance for my camera, since Hollywood
the most reliable communication tool for my mock up
the greatest cosmetic experience for my patient.”

Dr. Francois Grossetti
Paris, France

As Steve Jobs once said:
“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

Smileography offers this service to our patients, making them able to preview our dental recommendations before irreversible treatment is done on real teeth. I like to give my patient choices so they can decide if two, six, or ten restorations will fulfill their esthetic expectations.

Recently I delivered a case of ten front teeth restorations after my patient was presented with his choices of two, six, or ten restorations with the help of Smileography. He was very happy to visualize his options so that he could make his final decision.

“I want all ten restorations!”

The same service can be used by Orthodontists and Periodontists to preview changes in tooth position and gingival levels.

I confidently endorse Smileography for the exquisite quality service as well as its cooperation with the Dentist, Patient and Dental Technician to create achievable dental results. My first step in treatment planning starts with Smileography!
Sorin Muntean, DDS
(A long time client)