I love my new smile; my new smile has changed my life. Everything went so smoothly, starting with the consultation, your recommendation was spot on. When I came in I was only thinking of doing six teeth, but I’m so glad I followed your recommendation to do eight teeth instead, I’m also happy with the color choice.

Your expertise and the advice you give to your clients is true value. I am so grateful that you were recommended to me and I became one of your clients. You and your associates do exceptional work. In addition, you truly care about the work that is being done and that your clients are happy!

Thank you so much for my smile! My confidence, self esteem has been heightened.


I was referred to your office by my dentist, Dr. Tom Hirsch. He wanted you to show me, via digital manipulation how my teeth would look when the veneers were replaced. I am a photographer who hates to have my photo taken. First, I am too critical of the portrait photographer, and then secondly, too critical of myself. Your kind, gracious, and welcoming ways put me at ease immediately. Your kind eye shows through the lens. You were able to make me laugh out loud and then captured my expression of joy at the perfect moment. You selected the best of the photos and then continued to enhance the images.

I am thrilled. My teeth have never been this beautiful in my entire life. I cannot thank you enough.


I wanted to take a moment and truly THANK YOU. The photos you took and the final result assisted me in making what I thought would be a difficult decision, surprisingly easy. When the anticipated results were in front of me and I could clearly see the difference, I knew what I wanted to do. The comfort of knowing that everyone was expecting the same outcome, has taken away the stress of what would have been the unknown.

Your photos are amazing and I am thinking that you should be the only one to photograph me…EVER! Thank you for showing what is possible and for your assistance in giving me not only the confidence to move forward but making it exciting!

I cannot wait to visit you again for my “results” photos!

Thank you again,
Heather M

I wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with your services and my beautiful smile. After my consultation with you and looking at the computer enhanced pictures of what my smile could be, I was amazed. When I took the pictures to my regular dentist to see if she could make my smile this beautiful, she and her lab technician told me that it was impossible to have my smile, that was in the computer enhanced picture that you gave me. I decided to change my dentist, if she could not make my smile that amazing then I decided to trust Dr. Stephens. I am so glad that I did, my smile is incredible and even better than the computer photo.

Thank you for giving me my dream smile, I think of you every time I look in the mirror.

Forever grateful,

It has been a pleasure to work with you. The whole process has been an incredible experience it was like working with friends. I love the results and will definitely recommend you.


You and your staff are amazing. If I did not live this, I would think I was just a hired marketing agent selling your product. But truth is I lived this and I can not believe the end result. You are an artist and I only wish I had met you 30 years ago. I think you have a gift. You can change lives with your eye for detail. Never in my life did I ever think I would have a smile like this. I am pleased and amazed at the end results.
If ever a new patient has concerns. Please send them my way I would be so happy to give my praises of your services and professionalism and most of all your kindness.

My warmest sincere regards,